About Us

We at Central Florida aim to bring your brand into the spotlight by leveraging our in-house expertise and knowledge to creatively project and reinforce your brand image and marketing message. We believe that employees are the assets of our companies and by having giveaways that employees connect with and actually pride on using them in public will make them walking promoters of your brand serving as brand advocates. Happy employees create happy customers.


We basically help companies expand their reach and penetrate untapped markets to increase brand exposure and whenever a certain promotional material comes in handy it improves brand recall. Whether it is a giveaway after a corporate event or meeting, a fundraising event in the form of a concert or sports activity, or an office picnic or social meet up for networking our creatively designed promotional products are for the win! Auspicious occasions like Easter, Thanks Giving and Christmas (which is just around the corner) can be made more memorable by ordering customized corporate gifts as a token of goodwill and appreciation for your old and trustworthy clients and customers.


The products we design are tailor-made for the market, niche and industry that we are operating in and working for.  We work closely with our clients and work as a team from the inception of the idea to the distribution.  We are well-versed with the market trends and we can help make you the most viable and dynamic product investment; one that you will never regret.  We have assessed the power of branded logo products and the innumerable ways it can boost your brand equity. Get the product that will work for you designed in the most awesome manner and reach out to your existing and potential customer base through perfect imprints


Partner with us to get the promotional material ranging from clothing and apparel, automotive, classroom products, glassware to sports and outdoor items to everyday use office items. Our items are custom-built around your core values and themes on a shoestring budget.  We pride on our high-quality and competitive prices that make us stand out from the rest. We believe that imprinted outdoor products are a unique marketing tool that can continue to be a part of the recipient’s life even after the marketing campaign has officially ended. This keeps your brand on the forefront and doesn’t let your target audience forget about it. Practical products that are customized around your brand like water bottles, coolers, diaries, stationery, and mugs can be used on a daily basis. This way you become a part of your employees and client’s life without them consciously knowing about it and building the loyalty factor.


Give us an opportunity to ASSIST you to build a surefire promotional strategy that addresses your brand name, relates to your target market, and consists of superior-quality products, all in all, deriving substantial results. 

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