Privacy and Security

Central Florida Promos is well aware with privacy concerns and understands the need and value of customer privacy.  We know that you have entrusted us with your personal details and we make it one of our prime responsibilities to safeguard access to that data. In acknowledgement of our obligation we have adopted the following privacy policy and apply it to information acquired from customers in the due course of business.

Acquisition of Information

Central Florida Promos does not acquire any more information from customers than is required by the law, or necessary to provide a safe, reliable, and secure level of service. We collect contact information such as phone, addresses and email addresses in order to ensure effective processing of orders. We do store this information in our data bank for any future communication relating to your order. Under no circumstance do we disclose personal information provided by you, such as name, address, phone number, email address or payment information to third parties.

We will use the data you have provided in order to send you automated email relating to your order, such as order acknowledgement emails, product proofs and shipping status. These emails are automatically generated as a response to your order thus do not require an opt-out.

We do send the occasional newsletter detailing new discount scheme details and updates regarding new products. You can unsubscribe from such email communication any time you wish by clicking on the unsubscribe option given in the mail itself. We abhor spam and never spam our clients.

Security Measures

We ensure that sensitive information is at all times protected by technological control that pertain to all legal requirements and even beyond when necessary to protect our customers interests.

Our website is secure by the highest possible standards available with 2048-bit Extended Validation SSL certificate. This security measure ensures that all information sent from our page pages is encrypted. In order to get this certificate we have to go through a rigorous validation by a third party.

Disclosure to third parties

We only provide individually-identifiable information about our customers to third-parties when compelled to do so, by the order to a duly empowered government authority. Our customers have to grant their express permission to this in order for us to be able to process their transactions. However we never engage in the sale of personal information like email addresses, delivery addresses or phone number to third parties.

Our employees and privacy

We ensure that we communicate our privacy policies and give necessary training where necessary to ensure that the privacy policy is implemented to the fullest.  We also ensure that access to customer information is limited to bare possible of employees.

Privacy and our Business Partners

We share our technology or services with our business partners when necessary but we will not in any situation not share any more consumer information than is necessary.


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Cookies and Ads

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