Promotional Product Returns

We facilitate the return of printed promotional items if they meet one of the following criteria:

1.They are misprinted

Central Florida Promos for each order placed for a custom printed item emails a free e-proof. The e-proof is of the actual so that you can truly see how the final print will look. After emailing the proof, we ask our customers to check the overall size to ensure that you are satisfied with the print area, the layout of the design and the spellings. We go ahead with the printing once the customer approves the e-proof. Thus it is the customer’s responsibility to CHECK the e-proof and then give confirmation.  

Also before you return your item ensure you get in touch with us. If your order is in eligible for return it will lead to additional shipping charges.

In the case where your order differ from the e-proof you approved, you may be eligible for a return or reprint.

2.       The imprint quality is poor

In bulk printing of promotional items, it is unfortunately common for very few items to have minor flaws, which is not usually considered poor quality.

However if you believe you have received items on which the imprint quality could have been better, than please contact us and we will gladly ensure that reprint items that are flawed or refund you for them.

3.       Your order was not shipped by the specified date

If you communicate your event date to us before you place your order, we will guarantee on time shipment. However we cannot be held responsible if UPS or any other carrier does not deliver in the expected delivery time frame. In the case we do NOT ship on the agreed upon shipping date, we shall accept a return.

In the case of delays caused by UPS we will file a claim with them on your behalf. However it should be made clear, that according to law UPS or any other shipping carrier cannot be held responsible for inclement weather, natural or man-made disaster, or other any uncontrollable factors that force delays in shipment.

The item or items cannot be retained if they meet the following criteria:

1.       Small imprint size

We send e-proofs which the actual size (with a few rare exceptions for large format printing). We expect that our customers view e-proofs at 100% size to understand how the final imprint will look. We always communicate this fact, and ensure that the customer can understand what the print will look at its maximum size. Thus we are not responsible if the customer does not read the imprint area or fully inspect the e-proof send before order production.

2.       You are unhappy with the quality of the item

We always recommend buying a sample of an item that you are ordering in bulk. This applies more so when this is your first time ordering a specific item from us.  We always ensure that our items come across as quality items but there are many promotional items that are intended as “cheap giveaways” for mass distribution.  If you are specifically looking for high quality then please request a sample or speak for more detail about product quality with a member of our customer services team. Also the per item price of a product is also a good indicator of quality. For example pens priced at 30 cents will not have a premium feel to them.

3.       The color shade is a different than expectation

Unless you have specifically requested an exact PMS color match (extra charges are incurred for an exact PMS color match), your items will be printed using standard ink colors. The product color can affect how the imprint color looks. For example if your product is of a dark color and the imprint is of a light color, then the dark color will show through the imprint, making it look darker than it is.

If the imprint’s final look is highly valued by you, than it is recommended that you request a customer PMS color match.

4.       You missed to spot a type of the proof

The purpose of the e-proof is to avoid this situation from arising. We expect you to take your time and check the e-proof completely. The customer is ultimately responsible for proofing and ensuring accuracy.

5.       Your event was cancelled

Unfortunate as it is, we can in no way facilitate you in the case of your event being cancelled.




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